Director of Female Player Development – Jess Stott
Strength and Conditioning Coach – Paul Thompson
Strength Coach – McKiya Mazur
On-Ice Development Coach – Mark Derlago
On-Ice Development Coach – Alex Plante
On-Ice Development Coach – Dylan Halliday
On-Ice Development Coach – Rylee Zimmer
On-Ice Development Coach – Matt Calvert
On-Ice Goalie Coach – Tyler Plante
On-Ice Goalie Coach – Jared Paulsen
On-Ice Goalie Coach – Dan Averill
On-Ice Goalie Coach – KC Couckuyt
On-Ice Goalie Coach – Brandon Klemick
High School Education Advisor – Glenda Zelmer
Owner – Jared Jacobson
VP of Operations – Jason Roblin
Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary – Derrick Stewart
Chief Financial Officer – Connie Froese
Director of Brand Management – Matt McNish
Assistant Accounting Manager – Braden Compton
Human Resources Coordinator – Salomi Mohanraj
Payroll Administrator – Marcia Gruhn

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