U9 Christmas Classic – Goalie

U9 Christmas Challenge Tournament (Full Ice) – GOALIE REGISTRATION

The tournament will take place at the J&G Homes Arena from December 27th to December 30th.

Games will be 5 on 5 and will abide by all traditional hockey rules ( offsides, changing on the fly, penalties, etc ) WCHA will provide the coaches so players will be taught the rules as the games go along. Players will learn how to play real hockey games so they are prepared for spring hockey or for U11 hockey next winter.  Teams will consist of between 10-12 skaters and 1 goalie. Players can register individually, in pairs, small groups or with a full roster team.  Players will be placed on teams by WCHA keeping in mind the requested pairings, small groups or team rosters.


  • Each team will play 5 games over the four days.
  • Each game will consist of 3 – 12 minute stop time periods.
  • Each game will be officiated by certified officials.
  • Cost per player for the 5 game tournament = $150 / player and $50 / goalie


Registration opens November 28th and closes December 19th.  The first 4 full rosters are guaranteed a spot in the tournament so don’t wait to register individually, with a buddy or small group to play with.


So find a buddy or someone you would like to play with or a group you would like to play with and enter together. Have some fun playing with players you don’t play with all winter or play with your best friend. It’s all up to you !!!


This will be a great way to learn the rules of hockey in a fun and competitive environment. Take advantage of this opportunity and get prepared for real hockey in the near future.

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