U13 After School Program 2024

At the J&G Homes Arena

Players will be subdivided by age and ability during ice sessions.

One skate per week, until March 18, 2023

There is no skate on days where the Brandon School Division does not have classes such as February 19, 2024.

Instructors: Jessica Stott, Dylan Halliday & Ryan White

For more information on how to register and for pricing please email info@wchahockey.ca.

WCHA’s After School Program is designed to give players an additional weekly ice time while in-season that is focused on developing on the core skills of hockey. These sessions are designed for young athletes to not only improve the fundamentals, but to learn the game of hockey.

Our one-hour session will be broken into 3 areas:

  • Small Area Games
  • Skill-specific small group stations
  • Live gameplay situations

This will ensure athletes are engaged, maximizing reps, and having fun!

Each week will focus on a new theme that will encompass the core foundations of hockey—skating, shooting, puck skills, reading the game. Our station-based practices involve breaking down skills into smaller, manageable components, allowing players to focus on specific aspects of the game. When integrated with a constraint-led approach, which introduces task-specific limitations and challenges, players are forced to adapt and problem-solve in real-game situations. This dual approach enhances players’ decision-making abilities, spatial awareness, and creativity on the ice. Additionally, it promotes individual skill development while fostering teamwork and communication among players.

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