U9 – Power Skating and Skills

General Power Skating and Skills Sessions – For U9 Aged players only.

Each session will consist of 1 1/4 hours of ice time ( Novice ice times are 1 hour ) to focus on skill techniques. We spend the first 30 minutes on power skating and focus on the skating techniques which will help us develop a powerful skating stride. The next 20 minutes is used to include puck skills in conjunction with the skating skills being taught that day. The final 10-15 minutes is used for resistance training and overspeed training. Through these techniques we hope to develop power which can be applied to their improved skating technique. Therefore, you should be able to skate quicker, faster, and with better balance both with and without a puck.

  • Week > Aug 15 – 19 and Aug 22 – 26 (Mon – Fri > 2 Weeks)
  • 30 Spots Available
: Aug 15 - Aug 26, 2022
: Mon – Fri > 2 Wks
: 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm

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