1v2 Main Ice Lesson Package 2: 6 Pack

Ready to elevate your hockey game with a personalized touch? After the introductory and evaluation session, immerse yourself in a series of main ice private sessions led by our skilled coach, catering specifically to one Skill Coach and two players. Each one-hour session is meticulously designed for individualized skill development, utilizing ½ of the main ice surface for a focused and immersive experience. Ideal for honing skills such as full-speed stick handling and game speed change in direction.

Our expert coach leverages their skills to tailor each session, maximizing your strengths while systematically addressing and minimizing weaknesses. The 1v2 Main Ice Lesson Package isn’t just training; it’s a personalized journey, ensuring you reach new heights in your game. Sessions can be conveniently scheduled directly with your designated Skills Coach, providing the flexibility that suits your hockey schedule.

Seize this exclusive opportunity for one skill coach working with two players to refine skills, enhance gameplay, and make significant strides in hockey performance. Elevate your game with WCHA, where exceptional coaching meets individualized development. Don’t miss out – secure your 1v2 Main Ice Lesson Package now and transform your on-ice capabilities

$110/session per player

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