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Colin McGill, a distinguished figure in the realm of goaltender development, brings an exceptional array of expertise and experience to his new roles within the hockey landscape. As the Director of Goalie Development for the Western Canadian Hockey Academy (WCHA) and concurrently as the Assistant Goalie Coach for the Brandon Wheat Kings (BWK) in the Western Hockey League (WHL), Colin’s impact reverberates across multiple tiers of the sport.

Notably, Colin’s tenure as Associate Coach and Goalie Coach for the Chase Heat of the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League (KIJHL) has been marked by remarkable success. Under his guidance, his goaltenders transitioned to the next echelon of junior hockey with remarkable proficiency. A testament to his prowess, these goaltenders consistently ranked among the top 5 in the Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL).

Elevating his sphere of influence, Colin’s decision to align with the Brandon Wheat Kings underscores his commitment to fostering excellence. Simultaneously, he ensures the delivery of a comprehensive goaltending program within the WCHA, affirming his dedication to enhancing the caliber of netminders under his purview.

Colin’s reservoir of knowledge derives from a tapestry of experiences that span continents. Collaborating with esteemed coaches from across the globe — including Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the UK — he has cultivated a nuanced understanding of the intricacies of goaltending. This global perspective, complemented by his North American coaching and playing background, equips him with a versatile toolkit to identify and address developmental areas in goaltenders of varying profiles.

Colin’s journey commenced in the arena of minor hockey in the UK, culminating in a transcontinental progression that encompassed North American junior and collegiate levels. Transitioning to the professional ranks in Europe further enriched his perspective. In a seamless transition from his playing career, Colin’s unwavering focus turned toward mentoring and coaching the next generation of goaltending talents.

His entry into the Westman Community is met with palpable enthusiasm. Colin is resolute in his mission to infuse unparalleled value into the region’s goaltending cohort, contributing his wealth of expertise to nurture and shape the promising future of Westman goaltenders.

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